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Underwear as Outerwear: Brand Profile and Top Picks - Nichole de Carle London (Part 2)

Hello! :)  Before we dive into the beautiful world of Nichole de Carle London for the second time around I first want to thank everyone for their comments and support throughout this underwear as outerwear series - it really gives me the motivation to keep going and just love that I am helping readers find out about new brands and the latest styles.  So keep on commenting everyone and let me know your thoughts or anything else you would like to see on the blog.  Anyway, back to today.  This is the second part of my Nichole de Carle London brand focus (read the first one here) and today we are going to get a little bit riskier in the underwear as outerwear stakes and I cannot simply wait!  The pieces on offer today need some careful styling for them to become part of your outerwear attire but that is where I come in - I am going to be your personal stylist making underwear as outerwear become a reality and boy have I picked some delightful pieces for us to play with!  Let's get stuck in!

SS14 Signature Catwalk Brief with Braces
and SS14 Signature Westminster Brief with Braces:
SS14 Signature Catwalk Brief with Braces
SS14 Signature Catwalk Brief with Braces
SS14 Signature Westminster Brief with Braces

SS14 Signature Westminster Brief with Braces
Now these pieces are special, extra special.  The SS14 Signature Catwalk Brief with Braces starts at the bottom with a beautiful geometric brief with thick black serrated cut edges which then lead up the body into a diamond, architecturally influenced panel over the stomach.  The braces finish over the shoulders with a double strap design and a focal point ring at the bust drawing attention to the bust and d√©colletage.  Possibly my favourite detail of the brief is the gorgeous bow-tie at the lower back, crossing over the braces to create a geometric form over the back.  The influence for this brief came from the complex beauty of the Eiffel Tower in Paris - now as a true lover of Paris this makes the piece even more beautiful to me.  The brief is available in sizes XS, S, M, L and XL retailing at £159.00 available at the Nichole de Carle London website here.  The SS14 Signature Westminster Brief with Braces is similar in nature to the Signature Catwalk brief but is slightly less detailed making it less of a statement piece but of course not deterring from its beauty.  The brief consists of geometric panels of teal and black silk leaving a jaggy edge showing off the hip bones.  The braces then lead up the body with four leading braces creating a diamond shape in the centre and then finishing over each shoulder with a simple single strap.  The SS14 Signature Westminster Brief with Braces is available in sizes XS, S, M, L and XL retailing at £105.00 available on the Nichole de Carle London website here.

Now how do we style these wonderful pieces? First things first the beautiful brief section covering our bums needs to be covered.  This is not the type of look where we throw on a top and literally walk around in our knickers with our bottoms hanging out - no.  We need to keep our dignity here.  Instead we need to show off the intricacy and true delight of the braces.  Now we can keep it simple by wearing jeans and a strappy top letting the braces over our shoulders be on show for the world, this idea would also work with a dress with thin straps.  This spin on the brief as underwear as outerwear is delicate yet at the same time it adds power and drama to the outfit.  To heat things up a little and show off another detail of the braces over the stomach we could rock a crop top pair with some boyfriend jeans or some low-rise skinnies drawing attention to the geometric form of the braces in this area.  This look would be casual but with an edgy vibe. To dress it up for evening throw on a formal skirt be it pencil, a-line or full - keep it black to tie in with the braces and pair it with an evening crop top with details like sequins or fringing in a colour to contrast with the black braces and black skirt.  These are only a couple of ideas for these briefs to be worn as outerwear. The key is to show off the straps just a little adding extra edge and intrigue to your outfit.

 SS14 Loungewear Long Night Gown:

SS14 Loungewear Long Night Gown

SS14 Loungewear Long Night Gown
Now this is a show stopper.  A classic low cut plunge dress at the front but the back is where the party starts.  Sheer lace gorgeousness falling from the bottom of the back down to the floor.  The sexy crossover straps and backless detailing just makes this dress to die for.  Ok, I keep saying dress - I know it is a nightgown but this is the underwear as outerwear series remember.  We cannot walk around in this nightgown and our knickers for a night on the town (even though this look would look irresistible in the bedroom) but what we can do is cover our bottom up add some heels and we are good to go.  To cover our bottoms I am going to suggest a pair of black leggings - think Emma Watson at the Golden Globes 2014 in that to die for red Dior showstopper dress which she paired with a gorgeous pair of black fitted cigarette pants and deep purple heels.  Not only will this option cover your modesty but it will also look very fashion-forward and will be a conversation starter for sure.  Another option would be to slip on a black silk underskirt which would die in with the loungewear theme or a black bodycon skirt.  Now of course you could step away from the black and add in a pop of colour - like a pale pink silk underskirt or navy leggings for a demure take on colour.  The SS14 Loungewear Long Night Gown is available in sizes XS, S, M, L and XL retailing at £395.00 available on the Nichole de Carle London website here as part of their Made to Order range.

Thank you all very much for reading, I really hope you have enjoyed this post.  Nichole de Carle London is true lingerie and loungewear luxury and with their use of top quality fabrics and incredible heart-stopping designs.  This brand deserves all the credit they receive!  My next post will be up on Tuesday, it will be the final instalment of the underwear as outerwear series where I will round up some of my favourite underwear as outerwear looks from Pinterest - I thought it would be a fitting way to round up the series!

Speak soon,
Claire x

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