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The Valentine's Day Edit: Rosy Hues and Oh So Romantic Shapes

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, I wanted to put together an edit of luxury, lovely lingerie for my readers.  I have hunted, searched and had a million tabs open on my laptop which kept yelling 'Stop!' but I have finally narrowed it down to a select edit for you lovely readers out there looking for some gorgeous underwear for that special day - not that we really need an excuse do we!  I found so many sumptuous offerings for you all that I am going to make this into a mini series.  Today is going to be Romantic shapes and hues with posts to follow for my seductresses out there and of course my fashion forward lovelies!  Size is not an issue here - I have selected styles for a wide variety of body shapes and bust sizes!  I hope this post provides you with inspiration to update your lingerie drawer or help you pick out something special for your partner.  So let's jump straight in!

Bisou Bisou Rose Collection from Mimi Holliday
Image Source: http://www.damaris.co.uk/aw13-mimi-holliday-bisou-bisou-rose

First up is the beautiful Bisou Bisou Rose collection from Mimi Holliday.  Now when I started searching on the Damaris website for their latest offerings, my heart skipped a beat when I saw this collection, not only is it beautiful and romantic - the size range is very, very nice indeed.  

Picture of Silk Satin Non Underwired Triangle Bra
Silk Satin Non-Underwired
Triangle Bra £52.00
Picture of Silk Satin Maxi Bra
Silk Satin Maxi Bra £57.00
Picture of Silk Satin Comfort Bra
Silk Satin Comfort Bra £55.00
Picture of Silk Satin Fully Padded Super Plunge Bra
Silk Satin Fully Padded
Super Plunge Bra £57.00
Picture of Silk Satin Maternity Bra
Silk Satin Maternity Bra £59.00
Image source for Bisou Bisou Rose Bras: http://www.damaris.co.uk/aw13-mimi-holliday-bisou-bisou-rose

There are five bra options:  The Silk Satin Comfort Bra coming in a £55.00 available in sizes 30DD, 32A-32F, 34B-F, 36A-DD; the Silk Satin Fully Padded Super Plunge Bra coming in at £57.00 available in sizes 28B-28FF, 30B-E, 32B-32E, 34B-34E and 36B; the Silk Satin Non-Underwired Triangle Bra coming in at £52.00 in sizes Small, Medium and Large; the Silk Satin Maxi Bra coming in at £57.00 avaialble in sizes 28GG, 30FF, 32G-GG, 34F-GG, 36E-F, 38DD-F, 40D-E and lastly but definitly not least they even have a maternity bra version (rejoices at the thought of beautiful maternity wear for mummys-to-be!) coming in at £59.00 available in sizes 32D-FF, 34D-FF, 36D-E.  Now if the selection of bras is not enough for you, well there are also three knicker choices!  I do not know how many times I have fallen head over heels for a bra, and then I see the solitary pair of matching knickers available that I know would do nothing for me.....not here though!  There is a Classic Knicker £43.00; Silk Satin Boy Short £39.00 and Silk Satin Smooth Thong £35.00 with a matching suspender belt available also coming in at £43.00.

Picture of Silk Satin Boy Short
Silk Satin Boy Short

Picture of Classic Knicker
Classic Knicker £43.00
Picture of Silk Satin Smooth Thong
Silk Satin Smooth
Thong £35.00

Picture of Silk Satin Suspender
Silk Satin Suspender
          Image source for Bisou Bisou Rose Knickers: http://www.damaris.co.uk/aw13-mimi-holliday-bisou-bisou-rose

Also available is a matching nightwear range with added extras such as there Silk Satin Eye Mask £27.00.  I personally think the selection of this range, beauty of its pieces and luxurious nature makes it perfect for treating yourself or someone you love! Well done Mimi Holliday on such a stunning range - finally a brand who thinks about different body shapes and the beauty of choice!

Next up is a lovely retro-inspired offering from Gossard as part of their Retrolution range.  These pieces are for my inner retro siren!  The Gossard Retrolution Underwired Bra retails at £36.00 and is available in sizes 30D-G, 32B-G and 34B-E.  The matching pieces available are The Gossard Retrolution Brief retailing at £16.00 (XS-XL) and The Gossard Retrolution Waist Cincher £40.00 (XS-XL) which would look great with nude or pale pink/white stockings attached.  Also avaialble from this range is the Gossard Retrolution Stayloe Plunge Slip retailing at £69.00 available in sizes 32B-E, 34B-E and 36B-E.  I found this range available at ASOS (a little heads up - this is a fantastic website for lingerie and nightwear both affordable and luxury - they really do not get enough credit in this area!).
Gossard Retrolution Under Wire Bra
Gossard Retrolution
Underwired Bra £36.00
Gossard Retrolution
Waist Cincher £40.00
Gossard Retrolution
Stayloe Plunge
Slip £69.00
Gossard Retrolution
Knicker £16.00
Image Source for the Gossard Retrolution Range: http://www.asos.com/Gossard/Gossard-Retrolution-Under-Wire-Bra/Prod/pgeproduct.aspx?iid=2508202&sgid=5168&cid=6046&sh=0&pge=1&pgesize=204&sort=-1&clr=Blush#

Last but not least and saved until last because it is truly, truly stunning is the new Blush range from Fleur of England.  I first caught a glimpse of this range through Fleur of England's twitter page and I instantly had to find it and bookmark it for later - it is a necessity to have it on my blog because of its beauty!  The range is made with exquiste fabrics and the cuts and styles are to die for - lingerie heaven awaits us my lovelies.....

Blush Guipure Boudoir Bra £105.00 and Brief £105.00
Image Source: http://www.fleurofengland.com/sets/3324-blush-guipure-boudoir-bra-and-brief
First from this range is the Blush Guipure Boudoir Bra and Brief retailing at £105.00 for the bra and £105.00 for the brief.  The bra, being a soft cup non-wired offering, naturally is avaiable in a quite restrictive size range, I would say definitely more suited to those with a smaller bust.  The sizes listed are Small (32B/C/34A), Medium (34B/C/32D) and Large (36B/C/34D).  The brief sizes avaiable are Small (8-10), Medium (10-12) and Large (12-14).

Blush Guipure Balconette Bra £109.00,
Suspender Belt £85.00 and Thong £69.00
Image Source: http://www.fleurofengland.com/sets/3321-blush-guipure-balcony-bra-suspender-belt-and-thong
Next up from this range is the Blush Guipure Balconette Bra (£109.00), Suspender Belt (£85.00) and Thong (£69.00).  This stunning look is romantic yet sultry all at the same time.  The fabrics and delicate Guipure embroidery of this piece make it beautiful not only to look at but also to wear - this would be a perfect Bridal set for you future brides out there!  The bra size range is better than its non-wired companion and is available in sizes 32B-F, 34A-E and 36A-DD (not a ground breaking size range but its better than before!).  The suspender and thong are also available in Small (8-10), Medium (10-12) and Large (12-14) like the brief.

Blush Guipure Padded Plunge Bra £105.00 and
Derriere Brief £105.00
Image Source: http://www.fleurofengland.com/sets/3327-blush-padded-plunge-bra-and-derriere-brief
The next bra on offer in this range is the Blush Guipure Padded Plunge Bra (£105.00) and Derriere Brief (£105.00).  The size range for the bra is limited unfortunately but for you lucky ladies that can fit 32A-DD, 34A-D and 36A-C - this could be yours!  The briefs are available in the standard Fleur of England sizes Small (8-10), Medium (10-12) and Large (12-14).  The bra is a new shape for the brand and via the website it promises this bra will 'take you up a cup size and give amazing cleavage' (Fleur of England, 2014).

Blush Balletic Body £250.00
Image Source: http://www.fleurofengland.com/sets/3328-blush-balletic-body

There are nightwear offerings from this range also but the one I want to focus on because it just sets my pulse racing every time I look at it is the Blush Balletic Body retailing at £250.00.  This is an investment piece to say the least but it is truly stunning and for a special occasion or treat to yourself or a loved one - why not splurge on something so beautiful?!  The body is available in sizes Small (8-10), Medium (10-12) and Large (12-14).

I hope you have enjoyed looking through these romantic offerings - look out for more posts for Valentine's Day due for publishing at the weekend!

Speak soon,
Claire x

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